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Space designer certificate

Candidates must already hold a qualification proving their level of equivalence or have many years of professional experience in an interior design agency

Decorative Designer Program

Space planner course objectives
- Analyse: determine the adequacy of the architectural design of a place with the client’s programme.
- Design and create a project with personal design intent. When necessary, be able to make improvements to the brief.
- Represent a project using sketches, APS and APD (WHAT’s THIS???).
- Design a piece of furniture or an object.
- Be able to conduct two concurrent projects in design and interior design.
- Write the preparatory essay for the diploma dissertation
- Learn to use 3DMAX software

Course structure
- Thursday evenings, Fridays and Saturdays in the school, compatible with a professional activity.

- Teaching progressively prepares students to simultaneously develop a design project, an interior design project and the pre-dissertation essay.

- To qualify for entrance into the diploma year, students must do the minimum of a one-month work placement.

Admissions procedure

Who can apply?

All persons in work or seeking employment, wanting to:
- Convert to a career in the interior design sector
- Acquire skills and complementary expertise in the domain of creation, marketing or construction.
- Broaden and enrich their personal development

Level B2 in French is required for all foreign students.

How ?
1st year: Admission is based on an interview procedure
2nd or 3rd year: Admission is based on a test, the applicant’s portfolio and an interview

1st year: from December through to July (also in September depending on available places).

How much ?
1st year : 3550 € (self-funding) / 5000 € (business funding)
2nd year : 3550 € (self-funding)) / 5000 € (business funding)
3rd year : 7700 €
4th year : 7300 €


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