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Interior Design 5

Demonstrating working independence

At the end of the cursus, this year is the consolidation of the skills and experience of the previous years. The objective to demonstrate working independence: develop a brief of specifications, master the creative tools, project methodology, develop a concept, demonstrate aesthetic and creative design intent, present a project

Jury Preparation

Throughout the year the student works with a tutor, developing a design project and an interior design project. Both projects are presented with their prospective dimensions in a dissertation. The student presents his project at the end of the year before a jury consisting of national and international designers and interior designers and members of professional organisations.


  • Possibility of a combined work-study programme during the year
  • A series of lectures with professional speakers
  • Regular juries for projects throughout the year, in preparation for the diploma jury

The diploma qualification ‘Designer/Interior Designer’ has been recognized by the French Council of Interior Architects - CFAI (Conseil Français des Architectes d’Intérieur)

Crédits ects Semestre 1 Crédits ects Semestre 2
Professional culture
Interior Design Studio - -
Tutorat de projet en Design - -
Dissertation tutorials - -
Support technique
Technical Support - -
Culture Professionnelle
Portfolio Conception - -
Design topics (English) - -
Totalité des points de l’année
Soutenance finale - 60
Totaux - 60

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