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French work experience recognition system

The VAE (Validation of the Acquisition of Experience, or Validation of Job Experience) is a procedure that allows any French educational institution to grant degrees partly or completely based on work experience.

In June, a portfolio of the applicant’s achievements and work experience is presented to a committee at ESAM Design. The committee will then decide if the documents presented in the portfolio show work that merits partial credit towards a particular degree (Title "Interior Designer" or title "Graphic Designer")

VAE History:
A French law of August 23, 1985, authorized people with work experience to ask for a Diploma equivalence. This was mostly for vocational degrees. This significant change came with the Law of Social Modernization dated January 17, 2002, that specifically authorizes Universities and other Institutions of Higher Education to grant the standard degrees based only on the work experience of the candidate.

3 years of work experience are required at the minimum.

Level B1 in French is required to apply for this procedure.

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