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A new look for ESAM Design!

Innovation, creativity, tradition and a caring culture are values upheld at ESAM Design since 1949.
We have decided to rework our visual identity in order to more accurately communicate these principles.

M l’Atelier, founded in 2010 by an ESAM Design graduate, was given the task of interpreting the school’s vision.
The logotype is articulated around the creation of letters (ESAM) which are based on grounds common to both departments (Design/ Interior Design and Graphic Design), these are the primary forms of the circle, square and triangle. These geometric figures are added one to the other to create the school’s initials in a modular aesthetic, in order to illustrate the inventive and creative aspects of the curricula.
In turn these initials are then inserted into a composition and framework that express the discipline and standards inherent in these studies.
The split in the footer line is a nod to the Interior Design department where notions of level predominate, and the layout structuring the initials, reflect skills in Graphic Design.
The initials ESAM, although based on geometric shapes, have soft forms (the friendly and caring aspect), inviting us to play with them and write new narratives.

The visual identity is largely based on the creation of an identifying typography, “le Kit", which has arisen directly from the logotype, both in print and in the school’s signage.

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