Christian Tacha


Born in 1957, Christian studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse and graduated in Interior Design in 1985. After working with Denise Omer (interior designer), he set up independently in Paris in 1990.He worked on museography projects with Philippe Noir and Christine de Vichet , whilst still designing for the private sector. From 2000 he has created designs and roughs for events. He is frequently asked to design exhibition scenography and works with the stylist François Bernard. After 2005 he has worked on projects on architecture and landscape design, and works with Alain Charles and Andrea Nemeth. At Esam Design, he teaches on the foundation year course, interior design (4th year) and coordinates adult education in interior design. He also teaches interior and events design at the Mairie de Paris. He has written an educational book ‘Initiation au métier d’Architecte d’Intérieur’ (Initiation into the work of the Interior Designer’ published by Eyrolles, 2008.

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