The diploma year,
preparing to get the Title of Interior Architect / Designer certified RNCP 7 and recognized by the CFAI*

As the culmination of the curriculum, this year consolidates the knowledge acquired in previous years. Its objective is to demonstrate autonomy in mastering: tools / project methodology / concept development / assertion of aesthetic and creative choices / project communication.

*Conseil Français des Architectes d'Intérieur
*French Council of Interior Designers


A year of mentoring


Interior Architecture
Project Mentoring
Design Project
Mentoring Thesis Mentoring


Computer graphics

Professional Culture

Seminar to prepare for entry into professional life
Materials and eco-construction

Preparing the presentation

Throughout the year, the student works in mentoring and develops a personal interior architecture project and a personal design project.

A thesis presents the prospective dimension of these two projects. The student defends their project at the end of the year before a jury composed of members of professional unions and interior architects or designers, both French and foreign.


Doing your Masters with aprenticeship?


  • Possibility to complete the year through apprenticeship
  • Regular pre-juries to prepare the student for their final exam
  • Seminar to prepare for entry into professional life

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