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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), who is this procedure for?

This procedure is intended for anyone who has worked in France for a total cumulative duration of one year in all the activities described in the repertoire sheet above. These activities may have been carried out as an employee, self-employed, or volunteer. Periods of initial or continuing education as well as periods of internship and training in a professional environment are not taken into account.

The different steps of the procedure

Step 1

From October 15th to March 17th of each year: information meeting with a member of the management or pedagogical team of ESAM DESIGN. The candidate presents their project, background, and motivation.

Step 2

Before March 17th, the candidate submits or sends their application file to the organization for validation of their request. This file includes:

  • A curriculum vitae and a reference file presenting the projects on which the candidate has worked.
  • Proof of their professional experience for a cumulative period of 1 year in France: pay slips, or work certificates, or KBIS extract from the company, or proof of payment of the business tax, or certificate of civil liability insurance as a project manager or declaration accompanied by invoicing as a self-employed person.
  • Their educational background and evidence of diplomas, certificates, or evaluations obtained.
  • A cover letter explaining the reasons for the VAE request for this title.
  • An undertaking on honor not to submit more than 2 other VAE requests other than the one mentioned for the current calendar year.

Step 3

Receipt of the opinion of the admissibility of the file and its presentation before the VAE commission before April 10th. If ESAM DESIGN were to render an unfavorable opinion, it must be justified in writing to the candidate.

Step 4

This defense is scheduled during the first half of June. For the year 2024, the date is set for Tuesday, June 11th, 2024.

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Rates - 2024

The VAE defense fees amount to 550 euros for a former student of ESAM DESIGN.
The defense fees for a professional not from the school amount to 750 euros.
In case of partial validation, the candidate will be exempt from the defense fees
for the second attempt for 5 years.

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