Alumni, what have they become?

According to our latest statistics, 73% of our graduates are employed and 27% are freelancers. Many of them maintain contact with the school, and we are delighted to see them return every year for our graduation ceremony.

ESAM DESIGN told by those who have done it

  • Charlène Aldebert
    Charlène Aldebert
  • Noémie Aman Perez
    Noémie Aman Perez
  • Johnny Ayoub
    Johnny Ayoub
  • Nuwar Babelian
    Nuwar Babelian
  • Fatima Benjelloun
    Fatima Benjelloun
  • Maryne Bernardon
    Maryne Bernardon
  • Loris Bertram
    Loris Bertram
  • Camille Bonnoure
    Camille Bonnoure
  • Laura Bret
    Laura Bret
  • Céline Brisson
    Céline Brisson
  • Charline Bussiere
    Charline Bussiere
  • Sidonie Cauwe
    Sidonie Cauwe
  • Margot Coueraud
    Margot Coueraud
  • Pierre-Marie Couturier
    Pierre-Marie Couturier
  • Léonore De Labarthe
    Léonore De Labarthe
  • Camille De Leotard
    Camille De Leotard
  • Camille Delalande
    Camille Delalande
  • Johanna Desert
    Johanna Desert
  • Didier Dufour
    Didier Dufour
  • Jean-François Gacogne
    Jean-François Gacogne
  • Orelby Gonzalez
    Orelby Gonzalez
  • Myriam Har
    Myriam Har
  • Pol Hubert
    Pol Hubert
  • Muriel Landrin
    Muriel Landrin
  • Margareth Laug
    Margareth Laug
  • Sophie Lenfant-biache
    Sophie Lenfant-biache
  • Sandra Leong
    Sandra Leong
  • Guillaume Manivel
    Guillaume Manivel
  • Julies McGannon
    Julies McGannon
  • Marion Mesnil
    Marion Mesnil
  • Chahan Minassian
    Chahan Minassian
  • Anne-Laure Minvielle
    Anne-Laure Minvielle
  • Marie-Caroline Mitchell
    Marie-Caroline Mitchell
  • Céline Moreschi
    Céline Moreschi
  • Ahmed Mouhamed
    Ahmed Mouhamed
  • Catherine Nicola
    Catherine Nicola
  • Stéphane Poux
    Stéphane Poux
  • Philomène Rebillard
    Philomène Rebillard
  • François Ruffault
    François Ruffault
  • Arthur Sloth
    Arthur Sloth
  • Émilie Stemer
    Émilie Stemer
  • Nicolas Stier
    Nicolas Stier
  • Timothé Tibi
    Timothé Tibi
  • Émilie Verroust
    Émilie Verroust
  • Thibaut Villaume
    Thibaut Villaume
  • Marie Viron
    Marie Viron

What does a final year project look like?