Ethics and PedagogyA tradition since 1949

It is through a motto that still resonates in the ears of our former students that the foundation of our pedagogy lies:

We're not born creative, we become creative.

For nearly 75 years, our students have inherited comprehensive expertise passed down by the professionals and enthusiasts that our faculty is built of. The school leverages all its experience to support its students in developing their artistic and sensitive potentials.

Through a pedagogy based on project method and individualized support for each student, we train our future Interior Architects / Designers to trace and build their professional paths.

Today more than ever, the importance of creativity and its conception is huge. We aim to bring forward each individual's unique style, so that every student can make better use of the richness of a learning experience that is evidently technical, but also conceptual and personal.

Our longevity guarantees our ability to evolve our teaching toward technical innovations, new approaches, and professional cultures.

Joining ESAM DESIGN means combining your demand for integration and fulfillment in creative professions with the rigor of our teaching.

Professionals serving creative accomplishment

  • Gilles Ablan
    Gilles Ablan
  • Margot Barré
    Margot Barré
  • Sandra Biaggi
    Sandra Biaggi
  • Béatrice Blanchard
    Béatrice Blanchard
  • Florian Bochard
    Florian Bochard
  • Stéphanie Champs-Lavarec
    Stéphanie Champs-Lavarec
  • Pierre Cornuel
    Pierre Cornuel
  • Joffrey Dieumegard
    Joffrey Dieumegard
  • François Doll
    François Doll
  • Catherine Exer
    Catherine Exer
  • Henry Gagnaire
    Henry Gagnaire
  • Samuel Gomez
    Samuel Gomez
  • Brigitte Kahane
    Brigitte Kahane
  • Fabien Marchand
    Fabien Marchand
  • Rémi Marcon
    Rémi Marcon
  • Karima Masmoudi
    Karima Masmoudi
  • Thierry Monge
    Thierry Monge
  • Sebastian Morales
    Sebastian Morales
  • Damion Oaks
    Damion Oaks
  • Line Pierron
    Line Pierron
  • Laure Prédine
    Laure Prédine
  • Benoît Romaru
    Benoît Romaru
  • Laure-Caroline Semmer
    Laure-Caroline Semmer
  • Olivier Sireysol
    Olivier Sireysol
  • Catherine Suchoka
    Catherine Suchoka
  • Christian Tacha
    Christian Tacha
  • Jean-Luc Terrier
    Jean-Luc Terrier
  • Rebecca Vallée-Selosse
    Rebecca Vallée-Selosse
  • Sébastien Van Eeckhout
    Sébastien Van Eeckhout
  • Martial Verdier
    Martial Verdier
  • Olivier Védrine
    Olivier Védrine