BachelorIntegrated Preparatory Year

Establishing Solid Foundations

In the preparatory year, students are introduced to various fields of design and unleash their creative potential. Design is the key focus of applied arts studies. This term, of Anglo-Saxon origin, means "to draw." For a creative individual, it represents an opening to experimentation, conception, and communication. Therefore, in the preparatory year, learning to draw serves as the foundation for acquiring creative methodology. Drawing is essential for any design project, introducing various domains such as space, volume, photography, video, and graphic design.


Structured around key events



The year begins with a week of integration and discovery, allowing students to get acquainted with their peers, the teaching team, and their own creative potential.


To enable students to shape their creative profile, during the preparatory year and the first year of specialization, they choose 4 options out of 5: photography, videography, engraving, sculpture, and trend observation. These options complement the core courses.


During the second semester, students must complete a personal project on a topic of their choice. This project reveals their future direction and synthesizes their learning from the common core curriculum and the chosen options.


Design is not an individual discipline but a collaborative effort. The preparatory year is punctuated by team workshops within limited time frames. These workshops help develop creative methodology and provide students with a clearer vision of their future professional practice.


To consolidate their direction, students benefit from conferences on the profession of interior architecture by professionals in the field.

Col Gauche



Introduction to space
Introduction to graphic design
Personal Project Workshops


Academic drawing
Analytical drawing
Observational drawing
Color research
Volume Infographic


Design approaches
Color semiotics
Art History
Optional Workshop: engraving, photography, sculpture, or trend observation

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